Repeat prescriptions

We believe that it is generally more convenient for owners to obtain their medicines directly from us and for immediate treatment it may be essential.
However please note the following information.

  • You are entitled to ask for a prescription for Prescription only medicines and to obtain those medicines from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy. We may make a charge for this service.
  • We are only able to supply medicines or prescriptions for medicines, for animals under our care.
  • The price of medicines we supply is clearly shown on your invoice. We are happy to tell you the price of medicines to be dispensed in advance if you wish.
  • We will need to re-examine patients who require long term treatment from time to time. The interval between re-examinations will vary from as little as one or two weeks to as long as 12 months, depending on the drug involved. Our vets will be pleased to advise you of the re-examination interval for your pet.
  • A consultation fee will normally be required at the time of re-examination and currently that fee is £25.04 – £34.75 depending on the exact circumstances.
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