Practice facilities


Our Saxmundham surgery has extensive facilities incorporating a comprehensive range of modern equipment to provide the highest standard of primary healthcare for your pet.


We have a diagnostic suite equipped with ultrasound, digital X-ray and ECG.

Ultrasonography is excellent for viewing internal soft tissue structures in detail and can be used for pregnancy diagnosis, heart scans (echocardiography), abdominal ultrasound scans to examine the abdominal organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys and bladder.

Radiography is good for viewing bones and can also be used to look at soft tissue structures. We have a new digital X-ray processor, which means we can acquire high quality images in just seconds.

ECG is used to measure the electrical signal through the heart and can help to identify problems with heart rhythm.

We also have an in-house laboratory providing rapid results, which is particularly beneficial for really sick pets to help us reach a diagnosis quickly and start appropriate treatment. It also means that we can perform blood tests to check liver and kidneys in our patients on the same day as anaesthesia, as these organs help to metabolise the drugs we use so ensuring they are in tip top shape helps to ensure that the anaesthetic is as safe as possible.


Our theatre is used for a range of surgical procedures from routine neutering to bladder stone removal, exploratory abdominal surgery, orthopaedic procedures and much more. We use tailor made anaesthetic protocols and anaesthetic monitoring equipment for each pet to ensure that your pet’s anaesthetic is carried out as safely as possible.

We also have two prep room areas, which are used for minor procedures and preparing patients for theatre.

Consulting rooms

We have three consulting rooms with a range of appointment times available throughout the day. Our team of veterinary nurses also offer nurse clinic appointments for nail clipping, anal gland checks, immunotherapy injections and microchipping. We offer many of the nurse clinic services free of charge to help you keep your pet in the best of health including dental checks, weight management clinics, healthy pet club checks, nutrition advice, behaviour advice and diabetic patient clinics.

Kennels and cattery

We have separate dog kennel and cattery areas to minimize stress during your pet’s stay with us. Our dog kennels have orthopaedic foam beds to ensure they are super comfy and lots of blankets are always on offer to keep your dog snuggly and warm!

The cattery has a number of igloo beds to help your cat feel secure and we spray the bedding with Feliway spray, a synthetic version of the pheromone that cats produce to mark their safe and secure territory. This helps to reduce stress and make cats feel at home during their stay.

Our dedicated inpatient nurse is on hand throughout the day to make sure your pet’s every need is tended to and we keep a huge range of food in stock to help tempt even the most poorly of patients to eat.

We also have a separate isolation ward area for any patients that may have a serious contagious disease to prevent spread to other pets.

Dental suite

We have a separate room for dental procedures with hosts an ultrasonic scaler and full dental machine with drill and polisher. We perform routine tooth cleaning with a scale and polish, as well as surgical tooth extractions if required after a thorough dental assessment.